Sportster 1957 & Later
For all chain driven


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1) In order to install LBV Rear Chain Tensioner, you must access the rear right side, lower frame below the swing arm pivot.

2)If theres an accessory (muffler bracket, saddle bag frame, etc.) mounted to the existing holes in the frame, remove the mounting bolts.

3) Install the Tensioner-mounting bracket to the outside surface of the frame as shown in the photo above. Align the Tensioner roller so that the lower throw of chain rides on the roller as close to the middle as practical. If necessary, shim the bracket out with washers between the bracket and frame.

4) If an exhaust pipe bracket or other accessory bracket is currently mounted in this area, make necessary modifications to permit installation of the Tensioner bracket between the frame and the accessory bracket, or on top of the accessory bracket as may be required for proper roller alignment with the chain.

5) Use two 5/16" or 3/8" bolts, which are long enough to retain the Tensioner bracket and accessory bracket. These bolts are not furnished with the chain Tensioner

Your LBV Rear Chain Tensioner, will increase your riding pleasure of your Harley by:
Reducing chain vibration and noise
Eliminating chain slap on acceleration
Reducing frequency of required chain adjustment
Prolonging chain and sprocket life
Knowing the product is assembled in the USA.

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