For all chain driven

FLH Front view                   FLH Back view                  FLH End view 

1) In order to install the LBV Rear Chain Tensioner, you must access the lower left side, underneath the throw chain. See figs 1 & 2.

2) If theres an accessory (muffler bracket, saddle bag frame, etc.) mounted to the forward boss, remove the mounting bolt and discard. If theres nothing mounted there you are ready to install the chain Tensioner.

3) Remove the locknut and one loose washer from the protruding end of the threaded rod on the Tensioner.DO NOT loosen the jam nut holding the assembly together.

4) Install the threaded rod through the forward boss from the inside of the frame, so that the threaded rod protrudes to the outside. See Fig 3. Before this can be accomplished, you must rotate the spring anchor counter clockwise and hold in this position until the threaded rod is fully installed and the spring anchor bears against the bottom of the frame cross tube.See Fig 4. Rotation must be sufficient for roller to clear when inserting the threaded rod.

5) Install the flat washer removed in Step 4 above, against the outside of the forward boss. The other flat washer must be against the inside of the boss. See Fig 3.

6) Assemble the locknut to the threaded rod and tighten. If accessories were removed from the forward boss, reinstall these on the threaded rod, install the lock nut and tighten. cut off any protruding surplus threaded rod.

Your LBV Rear Chain Tensioner, will increase your riding pleasure of your Harley by:
Reducing chain vibration and noise
Eliminating chain slap on acceleration
Reducing frequency of required chain adjustment
Prolonging chain and sprocket life
Knowing the product is assembled in the USA.

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