Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who do you use to ship your products?
Answer: We use UPS and the United States Postal Service to ship packages.

Question:: Can the tensioners be used on a rigid frame?
Answer:: Yes but you will need to make an adapter plate for your particular model.

Question:: I have a FLH and the boss where you want me to attach your tensioner is not flat, so the wheel will not line up square to the chain. What can I do?
Answer:: On our model for the FL-Fx series we supply a shim that goes between the boss and the bracket to square up the wheel with the chain.

Question:: Do you have any other Products?
Answer:: Not at this time!

Question:: How do they stand up under winter conditions?
Answer:: Actually chain tensioners are much happier in salt and muck because they don't have much in the way of moving parts, unlike a derailer which not only has the chain passing through an S-bend but--much more importantly--needs to be able to smoothly move laterally.

WE encourage your Questions and will reply ASAP, and also post them on this page for others to read.

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