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our Chain Tensioners

  LBV ENGINEERING rear chain tensioners are designed for performance in Harley-Davidson swing-arm cycles:  1959-1984 Models FL-FLH-FLHS-FX-FXE-FXS & FXWG; 1957 & up chain-drive Sportsers and 1984-1985 FXST.

  The chain adjusts automatically and will reduce the frequency of required chain adjustments. It also reduces vibration, noise and erosion of the inner primary. It promotes smoother shifting and will increase chain and sprocket life.

  Developement tests included a 10,000 mile evaluation period in 1983-1984. We were able to determine the exact lbs. pressure to apply in order to eliminate slack but not to be excessive to cause wear on the sprockets or bearings. Today there are thousands of units on the road which have logged over 10,000 miles!

  The tensioners are of exceptional quality, they employ a delrin bushing in the lever pivot requiring no lubrication or maintenanc they also eutilizing a durable urethane roller which revolves on sealed precision bearings. The levers and mounting brackets of the FL series and are made of cast zinc alloy, polished and chromed.The FXST bracket is nickel-plated steel. The torsion springs are stainless steel and stress relieved after forming.  The parts are designed for long life and minimum maintenance.The products are warranted for one year.

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